Smart and Short



What we consider reality is a human created delusion supported by the physical things humans make for their owners. In this intentional created delusion, everything that humans make is owned and ruthlessly defended by some other humans, I call Bigness Ts. Bigness is any large organization, like governments, religions, corporations, schools, or propaganda non-profits, with “leaders and administrators (i.e. the Ts)” who manage immense resources solely for their own benefits. Ts are types of evil individuals who manipulate and control others – their names are Turd Throwers, Takers and Tyrants. Bigness Ts allocate table scraps to their slaves to keep all humans domesticated and following the work-watch-sleep delusion. Sadly, the majority of humans willingly fit-in to domestication, just like cows for slaughter.


The first step to break free from domestication is awareness. Be aware that Bigness Ts have intentionally brainwashed good people by constantly bombarding them with broadcast Bigness T propaganda. Bigness Ts and re-educate these people to watch propaganda and to fit-in by working hard and spending their small “wealth” on consuming what Bigness makes. Bigness Ts create fear and use that to create freedom destroying technology enforcing work-watch-sleep confinement. Bigness Ts have immense wealth and resources; they control over ninety percent of the world’s usable assets, including people. They use technology to surveil, manipulate, control, enforce, enslave, and destroy with great efficiency and effectiveness. Each new technology brings ever more efficient ability to enslave and destroy at global scale immediately. Be aware you have been successfully brainwashed to fit-in and deliver to the Bigness work-watch-sleep cycle.


Unfortunately, no matter what facts I give you, you will keep your delusions and fit-in. You will even fight me as an enemy to keep your delusions. Bigness Ts will tell you to harm me, and you will try to harm me. But, I am with Amness flow forever creating and receiving experidigm joy in Amness. I know you cannot see me that way – now, but…you eventually will. You eventually will understand step two, and break free from delusion by doing experidigms in fellowship (i.e. experiship) with Amness (i.e. God) flow, ignoring Bigness Ts.


Reading these Smart and Short journeys will challenge your delusions. You will get emotional. You will get mad. You will smile. You will say, “not me. I am not domesticated.” You will become aware of the domestication delusion. You will not ask why, because you know why. You will act. You will start exploring experidigms and once again have the loving desire to explore and share life with others who love and share life; other experidigmers are waiting for you to act, to take the step into Amness love.


Read these tales. Get angry. Pick yourself up and begin to live a free life with Amness. Ignore Bigness Ts and participate in your own expridigms in Amness experiship.