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Overview of Experidimging Books by Mark Grace   The Path of Life and Opportunity Book Series: Live within Amness Flow   Elements of Visual Talking  Soaring To Awesome; Turd Throwers Beware  Choosing Up; Attain All/Design Your Experidigms™  Avoid Takers; Cut the Binds and Run Up the Path of Life  NEXT: “I am…” Experidigmer™; Living the


What is Experitopia?   A “Utopia” is a hopeful view of what a perfect future place or world might look like with mainly peace and love, no violence or wars. A utopia has never been achieved. A “Dystopia” is a view of a future place or world where violence, war, disease, hate, and totalitarian control

Bigness – Forever Thrown Away

Bigness Knows; You Know   Bigness knows. They know their only purpose for existing is to take, keep taking more and more, more profits, more life, more things, and when what they take is all gone, Bigness learns to take something else as it grows and grows and consumes any person, nature, or thing it

Acts of Experidigmers

Introduction   The number one statement I hear is: “I did not know.” I no longer take for granted, or ass-u-me, what anyone knows. I realize what wisdom one has is largely determined by: 1) the number of experiences (or experidigms) one has, 2) who joins in those experidigms, and 3) how often the experidigms

Do Experidigms vs Bigness

Amazon Summary: Bigness is domesticating everyone – they want to take all profits and souls. Bigness has no competition – they intentionally killed it. Bigness consumes all – they consume people’s creative work and the life of nature. Bigness grows on the backs of life – they use propaganda spinning their goodness and efficient infrastructure

Smart and Short

Overview   What we consider reality is a human created delusion supported by the physical things humans make for their owners. In this intentional created delusion, everything that humans make is owned and ruthlessly defended by some other humans, I call Bigness Ts. Bigness is any large organization, like governments, religions, corporations, schools, or propaganda

Soaring to Awesome: Turd Throwers Beware Grabbing Back Innovation with Dialogue

The polite dominant entrepreneurial delusion is that you can create your dream and reach it with hard work. Sounds good, right? You know better because you have tried and been attacked, and the attack did not feel good. It hurt. You were stopped. Increasingly, getting your team to the innovative dream is blocked by turd

Elements of Visual Talking (English Edition)

Did you ever tell someone to do A and they did B? Did your boss misunderstand what you said and do the wrong thing, like give you a new project instead of a salary raise? Did your spouse or family get upset with you after you said something? Leave these frustrating situations behind you and

Avoid Takers: Cut the Binds and Run – Up the Path of Life (English Edition)

Growth flows from mental and physical freedom. Do you feel you are free and moving to the best future? Do you feel others are taking from you and you get little in return? Are you distracted by others who keep taking from you? If so, you are probably trapped in a very limiting Taker relationship.Avoid

Choosing Up: Attain All – Design Your Experidigms (Path of Life Book 3) (English Edition)

Design your experiences and design your life, receiving joy all along the way. Life is a series of experiences you design and live. So choose all the best components of each experience. Share experiences to reach higher.Choosing Up – Attain All – Design Your Experidigms demonstrates how to build your best future, and keep growing

Next: “I Am…” Experidigmer: Living the Joy Equation (Path of Life Book 5) (English Edition)

The age old question of what is the meaning of life has perplexed mankind for thousands of years. As the world and technology become more complex and sophisticated, the purpose of the individual in society seems even more muddled. NEXT: “I Am….” Experidigmer embraces the changes in the modern world and urges the individual to

More: “We Am…” Experidigmers: Groups Living Up (Path of Opportunites and Life Book 6) (English Edition)

Are you stuck in a defining and controlling “you are…” group going nowhere? Are you isolated even though you are surrounded by people? Do you ever ask, “How do I get MORE?” Get unstuck and participate toward NEXT using the MORE a “We am…” group can provide. Get access to MORE. Unfortunately, our crowded world

Go! “I will…” Experidigm.: Ignore Tyrants (Path Of Opportunity Series Book 7) (English Edition)

Break free by ignoring “You will…” Tyrants. Break free by pointing up and going to your NEXT experidigm. Claim ‘I will…” Experidigm! Claim the right to experidigm. Read Go: “I will…Experidigm; Ignore Tyrants. Tyrants are using an established moral infrastructure to brainwash and control people. Social, religious, business, educational, and governmental Tyrants are so common

Unite: “WeE will…” Experidigm: Enable “E”cosystems (Path Of Opportunity Series Book 8) (English Edition)

The future of humanity depends on the human ability to better live together and do activities together – I call this experidigming. Our future does not depend on how well we work together in business. We are pretty good at that now. We are poor at living together with and supporting all living entities in