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Overview of Experidimging Books by Mark Grace


The Path of Life and Opportunity Book Series: Live within Amness Flow


  • Elements of Visual Talking 
  • Soaring To Awesome; Turd Throwers Beware 
  • Choosing Up; Attain All/Design Your Experidigms™ 
  • Avoid Takers; Cut the Binds and Run Up the Path of Life 
  • NEXT: “I am…” Experidigmer™; Living the Joy Equation 
  • MORE” We am…” Experidigmers™: Groups Living Up 
  • GO: “I will…” Experidigm™; Ignore Tyrants


Building Experiship Book Series: Living within Experitopia


  • UNITE: “WeE will…” Experidigm™; Enable “E”cosystems
  • Do Experidigms vs Bigness: Stop Fitting-in! 
  • Bigness Forever Thrown Away; Local Experidigm On and On
  • Acts of Experidigmers; Daily Joyful Journeys 
  • Smart and Short; Experidigms Overcome Delusions 
  • Experitopia; Awareness of Living Forever


Understanding Overview: 
The Path of Opportunity Book Series

AND Building Experiship Book Series


I have been creating and experidigming for over 60 years. Almost every day I wake up at 5am ready to start doing, actively participating with others to do some new experidigm. Each experidigm adds to my joy, to my energy, and fosters my desire to do MORE. Every morning I look in the mirror and say “Let’s go to NEXT.” Sitting at my desk at work (or worse while I am driving to work or meetings), I write NEXT on the top of a sticky note or blank notebook page and list all the choices to make that day or name all the people with whom I need to connect with to further my NEXT experidigm. As the day progresses, I mark off from the list the choices I made and the people with whom I connected, deferring those with whom I did not interact for another day. As I go to bed at night, I make a mental note of the experidigms I expect to do tomorrow, so I am excited at 5am to jump out of bed and get going to the NEXT experidigm. In my books, I describe an experidigm as an intentional creative change in experience with the support of others who help achieve the new experidigm.


Every new day I learn some keys to living joyfully. I write notes on these key points as I drive to work, walking in nature, listening to music or just about anytime I am awake. My friends say I think too much and have boundless energy – I am always experiencing my NEXT experidigm with others! My books are the result of my having culled my personal notes. The order in which I wrote the books was extremely important to me. The first seven books I call The Path of Life and Opportunities for individuals and groups. The first book teaches how to communicate visually so others can clearly understand and can visually communicate their thoughts on how to improve their NEXT experidigm to you. The second and third books teach how to deflect the “bad” people who try to deter individuals from achieving their experidigms. These “bad” people are dominant in most societies and social settings, so before soaring to your desired future, you must know how to deflect them. Armed with my deflection shield, I wrote book four to show how to make choices and use helpful approaches to reach the experidigm vision to which one points up toward, shares, and expects others to assist in your journey of choices. Reaching one experidigm is not good enough as stagnation or addiction may negatively keep the individual “safe and secure.” To break stagnation or addiction, a constant flow of experidigms is needed to keep receiving Joy, since the attainment of joy is the most desirable achievement in one’s life. The fifth book shows how to focus and capture Joy for any individual “I am…” person. Joy grows when an “I am…er” moves on to a NEXT experidigm, sharing the visualization of that experidigm with those whom can contribute. This sixth book teaches how groups of individual “I am…ers” can form “We am…” communities that reach joy and create experidigms together. Individual “I am…ers” can kick start their MORE options for NEXT experidigms by witnessing and participating in the progress of “We am…ers” to their NEXT and MORE. Certainly, the Infinite “Amness” creates all options. To make any option manifest as a real experidigm, the individual or group should visualize that experidigm and share it publicly in “Amness.” “Amness” will act on the visual and make the visual manifest in due time. Having “We am…ness” kick start experidigms may assist with how “I am…ness” receive MORE joy. All “Amness” is connected. The seventh book arms the reader to overcome the “You will…” commands and manipulation from society controlling Tyrants. I began to count the number of times in a day I heard a Tyrant “You will…” command from the media, corporate advertisements, government proclamations, religious preaching, and other big organizations. Most publications, broadcasts, or internet communications imply or demand “You will…” follow and submit to Tyrant control. I declare my “I am…ness” instead and go experidigm.  Most of these communications are paid for by Tyrants from big organizations to benefit themselves. I follow Amness experidigm flow and proclaim “I will….” Throughout the Old Testament of the Bible God declared “I will…” to enable all people and Amness creations. Amness does not enslave by saying “You will….”  This seventh book gives proven, practical ways to break free from Tyrant and declare “I will…” be creative in Amness flow and collect Amness love and joy.


Some readers have told me they started the Opportunity Series by reading Turd Throwers Beware first because they needed to learn how to deflect bullies, freeing themselves to begin to successfully create and experience. Then, reading all the Path of life and Opportunity books enabled them to create experidigms and receive joy. For me, the series of books represents the Path of Life and Opportunities in the order that is important to me as I learned to experience NEXT and MORE. Visual communication frees me to clearly show others my vision. But, before I could deliver on all the experidigms I saw, I needed to learn how to deflect the bullies (i.e. Turd Throwers, Takers, Tyrants collectively called Ts) who wanted to stop me. Now skilled at seeing and deflecting, I have learned how to connect, share, and build experidigms, never stop, and always keep pushing to NEXT using MORE choices my connections brought to me. Your path may be different from mine, but I bet your path, too, will be challenged by controlling Ts. Your true joy will come as you experidigm with others.


I witnessed how the Path of Life and Opportunity book series brought joy to all Experidigmers who progressed with NEXT and MORE experidigms as “I am…” and together as “We am…” and “WeE am….” Experidigmers shined while flowing with and in creative Amness. I wrote major parts of theses seven Path books while being in a natural setting participating in the creative Amness in nature. I see firsthand how nature is being totally consumed by large amoral organizations (i.e. corporations, governments, etc.) full of Ts and fit-in administrators. These large organizations stole the right to consume and destroy both nature and humans. I began calling these amoral human-made organizations Bigness. Bigness intentionally threatens the very existence of all living beings and nature and discards Amness as racist, sexist, etc. Bigness takes and grows and takes even more and then takes much more with no limits, until all is taken and consumed. In response to Bigness and Ts, I wrote the six white cover books which instruct how to live without Bigness and form Experitopian towns with Amness flow. Experitopias have always existed, but now Bigness has almost consumed them all. We can build with Amness new Experitopias using experiship in Amness flow. Here is how to build.


The eighth experidigm book and first white cover book in the Building Experiship series focuses on how local “E”cosystems (i.e. nature) will thrive with support from local “We am…” groups creating local “WeE am…” relationships. The combined local “WeE am …” group can overcome Ts willful destruction of nature. “WeE am…” groups can reboot and enhance freedom and democracy to include local “E”cosystems, giving “WeE am…” groups standing in court to defend themselves from destructive Ts. The ninth book identifies how Bigness has domesticated the majority of humans to fit-in with Bigness propaganda, total consumption, taking, and destruction. Sadly, not only do most people follow “You will…” propaganda, they willfully fit-in to receive table scraps they think keep them alive. Many of these people say, “I have to fit-in to survive; my life is not that bad.” Those statements are delusions created by Bigness. The ninth book shines a bright light on how to become an experidigmer and break free from Bigness individually and collectively. The tenth book declares Bigness Forever Thrown Away to allow local towns to live and experidigm in creative Amness flow as “I am…,” “We am…,” and “WeE am….” This call-to-action book declares nine clear steps that each town, region, and nation must enable to get rid of Bigness amoral destruction forever. Fit-inners say this is impossible. History proves them wrong. Amness always prospers and flows forever, not Bigness. Bigness is a fleeting memory. The eleventh book focuses on experiship and what simple acts by Experidigmers propel living in Amness forward. The book imitates the Acts of the Apostles and uses experibles in place of parables.  The twelfth book uses Smart and Short stories to help take a thoughtful look at what we call “reality” and become aware of how that “reality” is not Amness flow and maybe against Amness flow and experidigming. Yes, humans and “E”cosystems are dying from Bigness poisons and have lost their ability to freely experience life; Bigness has taken their experiences and demanded fit-in. Become aware of Amness flow and how Bigness is domesticating all living beings and taking their Amness flow creativity. The thirteenth book opens the real path to create local Experitopias now, devoid of Bigness control. The tasks to create Applied Experidigm Zones (AEZs) are as easy as making your own vegetable garden, designing a unique product or service, or cooking a dinner with friends. Build an Experitopian town with a Main Street filled with local, healthy creations.



Below is a more detailed explanation of both book series.


I wrote Elements of Visual Talking (1) because I witnessed how important visual communication is to clearly portray ideas and thoughts to other people. If speakers are unable to visually convey the exact details of their thoughts for new experiences, the possible connections may not be able to participate, to suggest, or to converse. Words are not adequate to describe the new effectively. So much meaning may be assumed and misinterpreted. The best way to describe a future experience is to visualize it. I first built manual systems to share drawings of parts of the future and work on the drawings together to make better drawings of the future. The manual systems worked so well, I built online social media to communicate with images. Today, in 2017, using imagery to “talk” on cell phones with text messages is the common standard. This book teaches how to use imagery to talk in normal conversation or tell visual stories to describe the best future. Using images to talk allows clear discussions about the details of future experiences.


With the resulting freedom that visual communication brings comes the unexpected attacks from the status quo controlling leaders who do not want innovation and who want to stop communicating new ideas. (Note: Status quo leaders are persons in influential positions who wish to perpetuate current practices and policies. These are individuals who fear that any changes will negatively alter their own powerful controlling positions. Thus status quo leaders are those who impede innovation.) Those participating together with visual communication are bullied to stop by the status quo. Little literature exists to teach how to effectively deflect bullying while allowing communication to talk visually and to create new experiences.


Using my 30 years as an innovation practitioner, I wrote Turd Throwers Beware (2) to show how to deflect various types of bullies. Each type of bully Turd Thrower is described and effective methods are provided on how to overcome their destructive approach. I use a deflection shield as the analogy on how to defect Turd Throwers.


The methods that status quo groups use to stop communication are described as bricks in a wall to block individuals. How to handle each brick is described; thus the wall comes crumbling down. The simplest type of Turd Thrower is called a “you are…;” he or she is one who attacks by trying to redefine the victim in their “you are…” terms in an attempt to control and manipulate the victim. Always state the “I am…ness” to deflect a “you are…”trying to manipulate and control the victim.  When they say, “You are fat,” say in return “I am a dancer” or whatever you consider yourself to be at that time or in a future experidigm.


Knowing how to deflect TTers alone is not sufficient to allow sharing to reach new experiences. Being loving and caring, I was susceptible to Takers who would enslave me in their problems and needs, and drain my energy in an effort to control my “I am…ness.” Takers will abuse the “I am…” goodness of people who would willingly work together and share together. Takers keep taking and taking. Takers have no limits to taking. The book Avoiding Takers (3) teaches how to identify a Taker, break their abusive control cycle, get away, and avoid them forever.


Having the ability to communicate visually and to deflect TTers and Takers allows an “I am…” person to picture the best future and to choose the best components.


The book Choosing UP (4) describes the skills and tools required to design experidigms and to choose the necessary components. The book shows how to create one’s first puzzle experidigm picture and then to create a series of puzzle experidigms, like steps, to take a person to higher and higher levels of experidigms.


Armed with key Choosing UP skills and the ability to deflect bully Turd Throwers, most people are able to attain their dream experidigms. The picture below illustrates how a person can travel beyond a rocky road and the Turd Thrower wall and point up to their experidigm and achieve the experidigm. The waves of “Amness” will bring knowledge and energy for MORE choices and NEXT experidigms.


The fifth book in the Path of Life and Opportunities series, NEXT: “I am…” Experidigmer (5) describes how to live in Joy every day. The Joy equation shows the simplicity of focus needed for daily Joy. Just create new experidigms and connect with others to make the experidigms happen while defecting bully Turd Throwers. The new experidigm economy is described along with the impact the economy has on current ways of living.


NEXT is always available to us. With each NEXT, MORE choices are available to individuals and the group.


The sixth book in the Path of Life and Opportunity series, MORE: “We am…” Experidigmers (6), shows how individual “I am…ers” come together as “We am…ers” to create group experidigms. MORE choices come from groups. How to participate in open and flexible groups is a core theme of the book. Individuals can live joyously as both “I am…” and “We am….”  Just like an “I am…” can be bullied by a “you are…,” a “We am…” can be bullied by a status quo “We are…” closed member group. “We am…ers” can use the same shield approaches described in Turd Throwers Beware to deflect “We are…” groups. The bottom line is that each individual and group will joyously interact as “I am…” and “We am….” In “Amness” persons are connected as they experidigm. In “areness” we are manipulated and controlled.  Always choose up to NEXT, receiving MORE, and choosing up to another NEXT and receiving MORE, and the cycle repeats.


I wrote the seventh book GO: “I will…” Experidigm to combat the dictates of Tyrant “You will….”  Each free person must declare “I will…” and go do their own experidigms in the face of Tyrants saying “NO! You will do as I say.” Amness examples of saying “I will…” in the Bible serve as our example to declare Amness “I will…” as we create experidigms in creative Amness flow.


Here is the Path of Life and Opportunities book series:



In a not-too-distant future, citizens will elect politicians based on their experidigm expertise, not their political party affiliation, or geography, or economic status, or corporate position. Citizens want to participate in experidigms and will elect those politicians who will openly enable the path to creating certain experidigms the politician represents. “We am…” is a community of “I am…ers” who share and participate in the experidigms they choose. “Am…ers” want to participate in experidigms and will elect officials who will enable “We am…” communities to openly and freely create “Amness” community infrastructure and support processes. “We am…ers” do not accept being defined and having walls built around them or other groups. “We am…ers” teach how to collaborate on achieving and growing group experidigms. Spread joy by participating in group experidigms.


The white books on Building Experiship and Experitopias include:


The book UNITE: “WeE will…Experidigm (8) represents the belief that as a creation of Amness, natural “E”cosystems are perfect creations of Amness, just as humans are. Humans must live with all beings in Amness flow in a state of harmony. Respect for all living Amness creations is the foundation for harmony and life. Without living “E”cosystems , humans cannot not survive on earth. As most major “E”cosystems are being willfully consumed and destroyed by Ts and Bigness, humanity has lost respect for Amness living creations. The book describes proven local ways to organize and thrive with local “E”cosystems as “WeE am….”


The answer to correct inaction in the face of Bigness taking and destruction is the book entitled Do Experidigms vs Bigness; Stop Fitting-in (9). Realize that mass human domestication has already occurred and that most people will choose to fit-in and participate in the Bigness taking and destruction. The domesticated can become free by experidigming together in experiship. Be a bright light of positive activism teaching new experidigms. Evil amoral Bigness always loses versus Amness.


Making Bigness Forever Thrown Away (10) is not a revolution. Revolutions never get rid of Bigness; Revolutions only add new tools to the newer and improved revolutionary Bigness. Bigness is an amoral think only focused on growth and taking. Modern Bigness has perfected stronger tools for Bigness to more efficiently and effectively take all, while surveilling, manipulating and enslaving all living beings. The nine listed actions that are required to disarm Bigness are relatively easy to accomplish. Why? Because the nine tools used by Bigness are only for the benefit of because and when they are gone, no one is gone except Bigness amorality. Amoral Bigness has nothing to do with Amness.


What Acts of Experidigmers (11) are best to ensure living in the flow of Amness?   That depends on the individual and the group relationship with Amness and each other and nature. The realization is that experiship (i.e. fellowship in doing with Amness) was and is the heart of Amness. Not thinking or watching. Focus only on doing with Amness flow. The acts of Jesus and the apostles were experidigms which anyone can do. This book uses experibles to show many of the types of actions experidigmers do. Simply eating together is an act of experidigmers with Amness. As Jesus practiced at the Last Supper, one of many suppers with his disciples, friends and followers.


Throughout history, authors have used short stories to shine a light on how bad “reality has been made by humans. Smart and Short (12) shines that light into a mirror so we can see our reflection and become aware of our delusion I call Bigness domestication. Awareness is the beginning of understanding which leads to experidigm action and Joy. The book tells five longer stories and over twenty five very short stories.


I cry when I see how accepting fit-inners are when they say, “There is no heaven on earth, no utopia, no Amness flow, only fit-in with Bigness.” Bigness only exists because fit-inners make the delusion so! Bigness creates the intentional lie and reinforces that lie with round the clock propaganda and digital enforcement. Experitopia; Awareness of Living Forever (13) not only exposes the Bigness lie, Experitopia shows varies views on how to be and live in an Experitopia. The book instructs how to enable a local town to receive accreditation for special experidigms and keep NEXT and MORE experidigms flowing without Bigness. Experitopias can be found on Main Street.